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Meet Our Donors

College Sweethearts Share a Deep Love for Ball State
Dick and Kim Poppa Generous donors to Ball State University for over 27 years, Dick and Kim Poppa's deep love for Ball State began as students. See how they've followed their passion by making Ball State a part of their legacy. More

From Mentor to Motivator
James Barnes With so many worthwhile organizations out there, you may wonder which one would benefit most from a bequest in your will or trust. For Indianapolis resident James Barnes, '79, several life experiences led him to an easy decision. More

Following Their Passion
Nancy and Jim Watson A retired instructor and her late husband, a former professor at the university, arranged long-term support for the programs they care most about. More

A Commitment for Generations
Paul and Bernice Nesper Paul and Bernice Nesper moved from Nebraska to Muncie in 1957 for the professional opportunities Ball State had to offer. Since then, they have been actively involved in the university through generous engagement and philanthropy. More

The Stone Family’s Legacy at Ball State
Stone Family More than a few members of the Stone family have flocked to Ball State. Keith A. Stone, ’83, and his wife, Kristine (Maternowski) Stone, ’82, met at Ball State, and formed many of their dearest friendships in Woody/Shales residence halls. Five of their six children are Cardinals—and “gainfully employed,” Keith adds with enthusiasm. His brother and sister are also Ball State grads. More

Giving Back to the Place Where It All Began
Dr. Jan McCarthy Throughout the time she spent at Ball State, Dr. Jan McCarthy, '52 MA '58, was fortunate to leave with a variety of experiences that contributed to her professional growth. Graduating in less than four years, she was offered a position that she had not even applied for, thanks to a professor's referral. More

Inspired by Students' Energy
Hollis E. Hughes Jr. About three years after graduation, Hollis E. Hughes Jr., '65 MA '72—then a high school social studies teacher—received a call from a fellow alumnus during a Ball State University phone-a-thon. The two reminisced about athletic events and late-night study sessions before Hughes agreed to make his first gift to the university, $25 if memory serves him. More

One of Ball State's Biggest Fans Makes a Lasting Difference
Lawrence J. Owens Many people know Ball State University's large, busy campus as it is today, but when Lawrence J. Owens, '66, was a freshman, one of the only buildings north of Riverside was Woodworth Complex. More

Former MTV Producer Helps BSU Telecommunications Students Launch their Careers
Brent Thorn Ball State University alum Brent Thorn (BS ’94) knows firsthand what a great immersive learning experience can do to jumpstart one’s career, and he wants future students to have the same exciting opportunities. More

A Passion for Teaching and Giving
John and Beverly Johnson Teaching and giving together for more than 56 years, John and Beverly Johnson invested their money in a way that helps education students at Ball State University.Through a charitable gift annuity, they decided to give a generous and unrestricted endowment. More

Maintaining Ties With Ball State
Phil and Esther Ball Some people may view Muncie as a small, quiet town in the middle of a cornfield. But for Phil and Esther Ball, Muncie is a cultural center that has a little bit of everything. More

The Best Policy: Using Life Insurance to Support BSU
Alice Prettyman Standing just under 5 feet tall, Alice Prettyman may be small in stature, but the impact she has made at Ball State University has been larger than life. More

A Foundation for Success: Couple Makes a Lifetime Commitment to BSU
Mira and Greg Zimmerman Mira (BS '94) and Greg Zimmerman strongly believe that a good education allows you to excel in your chosen profession. This is why they made a lifetime commitment to Ball State University. More

Memorial Helps Others Follow Their Dreams: The Rebecca Reichert Scholarship Fund
Rebecca Reichert Ball State University has earned many national headlines, but not many endowed funds have received the attention that the Rebecca Reichert Scholarship Fund has garnered. More

Joe and Carol Trimmer Support Inquiry, Ingenuity, and Imagination
Joe and Carol Trimmer Joe and Carol Trimmer have been dedicating their time, talent, and treasure to Ball State programs that impact the campus community and beyond. More

1969 Grad Looks at How the University Has Grown
Doris Albertson After attending a special event at Ball State last summer, Doris Albertson (BS '69) was astounded at the way the university had grown during the many years since she had last set foot on campus. More

The Experience of a Lifetime: Students Attend the London Olympics
Lori Byers moderating For many aspiring journalists, covering the Olympics is just a dream. For 40 BSU students, it was a reality. Thanks to an immersive learning program, they were able to attend the Games and report and produce content on the event. More

College Sweethearts Find a Tax-Wise Way to Support BSU
Mearl and Lolita Guthrie Mearl and Lolita Guthrie knew they wanted to leave a legacy at Ball State, but they didn't want to give up assets they may need during retirement. That is when they discovered they could donate their retirement plan assets tax-free after their lifetimes. More

Scholarship Established for Honors College Students
Joe and Carol Trimmer Joe and Carol Trimmer have funded a new scholarship to benefit Honors College students entering their sophomore year. This isn't the first donation the couple has made to the Honors College. More

Former World Kitchen CEO Offers the Secrets to Success
Peter Campanella New York City native Peter Campanella (BS '67) journeyed to Ball State University searching for what all college students want: a good education. More

Being There for Ball State Students
David and Judy Lamper David (BS '71) and Judy (BS '72) Lamper know what it's like to need financial help for college. As nontraditional students with a young child and a commute, it was tricky covering tuition. More

Sisters Use Inheritance to Help Single Parents
Carolyn Jean Miller Two sisters used their inheritance to honor their mother, Carolyn Jean Miller, with a scholarship directed toward single parents. Carolyn was a single mom when she attended Ball State. More

Leaving BSU Better Than They Found It
Dr. Richard and Dorothy Burkhardt Through the generosity of Dr. Richard and Dorothy Burkhardt, Ball State's liberal arts programs and Museum of Art have been able to grow. Knowing that the need for scholarships would never end, the Burkhardts created three endowments to benefit students in history, foreign language, and study abroad programs. More

Bequest Increases Funds for CAP Scholarship
Ron Menze CAP graduate Ron Menze '79 has supported his architecture firm's endowed scholarship for years, but he wanted to do more. More

Scholarship Fund for Incoming Freshmen Created by Noted Alumnus Kent "Oz" Nelson
Kent Nelson After earning his bachelor's degree in business administration from Ball State, Kent "Oz" Nelson eventually went on to serve as chairman and CEO of UPS for seven years. Today, Oz is setting other Ball State students up for success by creating a scholarship for incoming freshmen. More

What Inspired a 28-Year-Old Donor to Consider Ball State in Her Estate Plans?
Marci Hladik After nearly dying in a car accident, Marci Hladik began reevaluating her life and how she wanted to be remembered. Learn how she wants to be remembered at Ball State. More

A Legacy That Lives On Through a Family Tradition of Giving
Ray and Carolyn Saxman For the Saxman family, Ball State University has become a common link and a family tradition. Ray and Carolyn originally met on the Muncie campus, and their three sons, Brad, Scott, and Ron, have also graduated from the university. More

An Extraordinary Life and Gift
Richard Leroy Walters Sitting outside a senior center in Phoenix, Arizona, wearing his signature baseball cap and backpack, a clean-cut homeless man would surprise many with an extraordinary gift and a reminder that you can't judge a book by its cover. More

Faces of Philanthropy: Waldo Beebe
Waldo Beebe Waldo Beebe developed a relationship with Ball State that will last a lifetime. After setting up both a charitable remainder trust and a charitable lead trust with Ball State, Waldo strives to empower others to develop the same relationship with Ball State that he's grown to love. More

Increasing Ball State's Assets With a Gift of Stock
Steve and Joan Anderson Steve and Joan Anderson have a lasting relationship with Ball State. Learn more about their relationship and how they give without using cash. More

Gift of Family Farm Provides Income and a Good Way to Give Back
Doris Newton Doris Newton had a special place in her heart for Ball State University. That commitment inspired Doris and her husband, Chuck, to make a gift that would benefit Ball State and give back to them. More

Alumna Gives the Gift of Education
Marilyn Skinner Having attended Ball State like her sister Norma Skinner Wolf, Marilyn Skinner knew they both cared deeply about the university. That is why a scholarship in their names was the perfect way to honor her sister and ensure the university's future. More

Couple Uses Retirement Plan Assets to Reach for the Stars
Paul and Sue Errington Paul and Sue Errington have long shared a place in their hearts for Ball State University and have laid out a stellar plan for how they might support the school into the future. More

Students Nominate Classmates for Scholarship The Glen Sabados Memorial Scholarship
Glen Sabados Glen Sabados was an ideal student who was loved by his peers and faculty. To honor his memory after a tragic construction accident, his mother, Peggy, formed the Glen Sabados Memorial Scholarship. Glen Sabados's quest to be an architect began early in life. More

Charitable Remainder Trust Offers Many Benefits and Options
J. Richard Emens J. Richard Emens and his wife, Beatrice, like the benefits that a charitable remainder trust offers them. Plus, the trust will ensure the continuation of the Emens Scholars program, recognizing outstanding students long into the future. More

Faces of Philanthropy: Leaving a Legacy Through a Bequest
Penny Ralston A bequest in your will is one of the simplest ways to make a big difference to your favorite cause. Learn more in this giving story on Penny Ralston, a longtime friend of Ball State University. More

Gotwals Honors Family and Receives Lifetime Income Through Charitable Gift Annuity
Lois Folk Gotwals At a time when women rarely took up the seats in a classroom of higher education, Lois Folk Gotwals set out to be one of those few. More

Dunbar Family Celebrates Passion for Ball State By Creating Endowment Funds
Joe Dunbar Joe Dunbar and his late parents always felt a connection with Ball State University. Their commitment and legacy to Ball State will help ensure a strong university for future Ball State students. More

Donating Now Without Affecting Your Current Finances
Mark Ervin As was one of the inaugural recipients of a John R. and Aline B. Emens Scholarship, Mark Ervin is giving back to the same program that not only helped him financially but also encouraged him to develop his leadership skills. More

Couple Makes Dreams of College a Reality
Jack Cruse It took planning and determination for the dream of attending Ball State to become a reality for Jack Cruse (BS '58), who worked a year after high school to save enough to enroll and then accelerated his college career to cut costs. More

Bequest Will Benefit Ball State's Student Teaching Program
Susan White Veteran teacher Susan White knows the value of Ball State's student teaching program in preparing students for a promising career. More

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You fund this trust with cash or appreciated assets—and may qualify for a federal income tax charitable deduction when you itemize. Each year the trust pays you or another named individual the same dollar amount you choose at the start. When the trust terminates, the remaining principal goes to the foundation as a lump sum.

A beneficiary designation clearly identifies how specific assets will be distributed after your death.

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